Tips for your stay in Amberg

You can start a wide variety of activities in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. The gastronomy in Amberg has an excellent reputation. See for yourself!

Or would you like to go on a shopping spree? Amberg's pedestrian zone, as well as the side streets and alleys, offer many attractive shops and are definitely worth a walk. Discover Amberg's beautiful old town. The Gothic town hall, the attractive town houses and well-known churches. How about a boat trip on the Vils? The charming atmosphere and the rippling water invite you to rest and relax.

Restaurants in Amberg

Bavarian cuisine, Italian cuisine, Greek cuisine, Asian cuisine, burgers, regional, seasonal, veggie, vegan, and much more.

Amberg offers everything you could wish for. On our map you will find all the offers in Amberg's old town.

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Stroll in Amberg's old town

The beautiful streets and alleys in the old town are perfect for strolling. Convince yourself of our beautiful old town and the many offers.

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Touristinformation Amberg

You can get a lot more information about how to plan your stay in Amberg directly from the Amberg Tourist Information.