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Maximilian Fischer

I've had the dream of owning my own hotel for years. After always leasing various hotels and restaurants with my wife Brigitte, we ended up in Amberg. And because we really liked it in Amberg, I decided to build a new one. With my two daughters Monika and Gisela on the team, we should be well positioned. Construction began in 1997 and the house was completed with great attention to detail after 2 years, so that we were able to open the wonderful doors of the Allee Parkhotel Maximilian in May 1999.

Monika Belmer

I am a hotel manager, tourism specialist and your host. Being a host is something I was born with. If you research my ancestors, Johanna and Wilhelm Fischer, innkeepers, are there as early as 1886. How could it be otherwise - I don't work, I have fun and joy all day long. My goal is to make you feel at home with us, only more pleasant. If you liked it with us, tell us. That is our motivation. If you didn't like something, please tell us so we can move forward.

Gisela Fischer

The job of my parents, Brigitte and Maximilian Fischer, gave me an insight into the hotel industry as a little girl. With my training in hotel management and tourism under my belt, I brought in my ideas for the Allee Parkhotel Maximilian. I still remember today: We had a lot of fun working on the planning and execution. Our goal is always to give the guest a “feeling of well-being”. I am always happy when the guests thank us with praise and a smile. The smiles of our guests give our job the magic.